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At CTAS we believe that the best service makes a customer, not sale that’s why we strive to be not just the best but legendry. We begin with the end in mind, to solve the quality issues you may have. We’re here to help take you to the next level & our mission is to see you succeed. We’re a Company You Can Trust. We’re a company you can depend on.

Welcome To CTAS

Our Company Culture

Welcome to Creative Textile and Apparel Services

Creative Textile and Apparel Services is an independent audit firm having knowledgeable & qualified inspectors. We provide third party inspection services to help client, retailers, trading partners, importers and manufacturers to assess product quality so it is conforming to international accepted standards such as MIL-STD-105E (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS6001, DIN40080 AND ISO 2859), 4-Point system and AQL 1.5, 2.5 & 4.0. We specialize in providing inspection service i.e. inspection of Garment, Towel and Home Textiles.


INTEGRITY:  We build & strengthen our reputation through our customer’s trust, in alignment with our promises and actions.

EXCELLENCE:  We are passionate about our customers and we’re proud to provide them with exemplary service. Through sheer dedication and hard work our customers have come to realize that we never comprise on quality.

COMMITMENT:  We have an unwavering comitmment to ensure that the best quality goods are shipped to customer and we will go the extra mile and put in the maximum effort as we always honor our commitment.

TEAMWORK:  Our teams work in a very coordinated and efficient manner which enables us to achieve better results through unity.

We audit the following products

A few reasons why you should choose CTAS

First class client service1:

Day in and day out/365 visit support and devoted contacts


Assemble custom quality control and confirmation programs


On location in 48 hours, quickest report completion time

Absolute QUALITY. Guaranteed.

CTAS Absolute Quality Confirmation ability, conveyed reliably with
accuracy, speed and energy, empowering our clients to drive ahead securely.