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We offer the following services

Pre-Production Inspection (PPI):-

PPI takes place before start of bulk production, PPI can assure the client about raw materials verifications and status. After PPI, client is sure that supplier has right/adequate raw material for quality product.

In-Line Inspection & Process (ILI&P):-

Once the goods arrive in stitching department, we send our Q.A. for random in-line Inspections. He goes to the factory and does a random in-line inspection and makes a report of his findings. From there onwards the entire garment and home textile product is scrutinized to the finishing and packing stage. Regular pre-finals are also conducted along with actual final inspections.

During Production Inspection (DUPRO):-

DUPRO takes place when approximately 32 to 50% production is completed re insuring that initial discrepancies have been rectified and a check on the average quality of production runs. The main benefit of this inspection is that it allows another chance to apply corrective actions where necessary.


This is a document that is used in quality management that outlines a set of steps for addressing issues and gaps in business operations a process that could negatively impact the business. It describes the approach for resolving an issue that interferes with reaching company goal.

Fabric Inspection and Process (FIP):-

It is understood that due to the nature of the manufacturing process, a supplier may produce materials that contain noticeable defects. Due to this possibility, buyer may require 100% inspection of all greige fabric rolls and production dye lots. The purpose of inspection is to determine the quality and acceptability of our materials.
Copies of inspection results must accompany each fabric shipment. Any fabric
rolls that do not conform to the buyer quality standard must be rejected.

Final Random Inspection and Process(FRI):-

FRI is to evaluate the problems against 100% finished and ready to export goods. FRI is a very useful standard Quality Assurance check prior to shipment. For the evaluation of the final products to be shipped. FRI is conducted for appearance, quantity, quality, size, specifications, color and packing method/details. After FRI the client has a very clear picture of his incoming product.

v NCR (Non Compliance Report):-

CTAS non-conforming product is bad for both CTAS as well as the vendors because if a Customer receives a defective product it hurts the buyer’s brand image. Non-Compliance Reports (NCR) are directly integrated into all quality issues found by the buyer’s team in the head office. An NCR is a step -by- Step process of determining a problem’s root, cause, implementing the appropriate corrective action, and preventing recurrence. This process follows the problem using the 8D solving methodology.

The Eight steps of the 8D Methodology

Lab Testing:-

We have affiliation with a most professional 3rd party lab. Which provide the lab testing services as per our client requirements?

Quality Standards:-

MIL-STD-105E (ANSI/ASQC Z1.4, BS6001, DIN40080 AND ISO 2859), 4-Point system and AQL 2.5/4.0.

Customer Compliance Audits

CTAS provides services of supply chain auditing for foreign customers’ requirements for factories and warehouses. The audits capability includes.