Creative Textile & Apparel Services

Non-Negotiable Standards

Our biggest asset is our human resource. The strength of our organization is the quality of our staff and their unrelenting commitment to our Non Negotiable Standards

Market Intelligence

We regard the projection of market intelligence as one of the pivotal roles of any sourcing firm, as this permit the customer to make informed decisions.

Impressive Delivery

The on time delivery of any product is the quite essential need of any buyer. We strive to a bridge between buyer and factory so that delivery is not effected in any way and product is shipped out on the vessel that buyer has desired.

Customer Care

We know that our customer has a choice, and our aim is for that choice to be Creative Textile & Apparel Services where we are totally dedicated to customer services.


Pakistan has been blessed with perhaps the most fertile land which have been conducive for cotton growing and this is evident in the fact that this crop was first cultivated as far back as 5000 years ago during the Indus valley civilization. Fast forward to the present and Pakistan being the 4th largest producer of cotton has spawned the growth of a vast and well developed home textile and apparel industry that caters to the European & North American markets. From fiber to the end product whether it is bed linen, bath robes, terry towels, table covers or apparel the textile industry has progressed by leaps and bounds to create some of the most innovative products. CTAS is based in the port city of Karachi which is the largest and most industrialized city of Pakistan. Here we have access to some of the most reputable home textile mills as well as garment factories that produce high quality products for customers worldwide.

Testimonials % Services

  • “The good work done to inspire the textile industry to focus on the sustainable future and the information about the developments in the field of sustainability are highly appreciated.”
    Sumanth Ramamurthi
  • "It was wonderful to work with a company that is so connected in our industry. Someone you placed at another company referred us to you saying you were “professional and well-connected” in our industry. They were right! "
    Andrew Lee
We know that our customer has a choice, and our aim is for that choice to be Creative Textile & Apparel Services where we are totally dedicated to customer services.

In order to be the best, we must give the best professional SERVICE to our customers, because we know that this is only possible by focusing on our customer’s business and their requirements. We will go the extra mile and come up with ingenuity and brilliant ideas which will demonstrate that we can MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. As a company, our strategy is to create sustaining values for our customer far better than those of competitors.

Creative Textile & Apparel Services has a global reach because our major strength is linking suppliers in one part of the world with buyers in another. We independently inspect factories and goods in the countries of origin across the whole supply chain on behalf of clients. In fact we also offer 3rd party lab testing services of the same product to a range of international standards if required.
CTAS offers 3rd party audit services to customers worldwide.
  • Follow up from Inquiry to final price quote.
  • Strong focus on new developments.
  • Quick action on approval process, like lab dipping, fabric knit down, bulk dye lot shades, fit sample, trims accessories, Pre-Production Samples, Size set samples, Production samples approval.
  • Follow up on every day progress.
  • Report to customers on a weekly basis through WIP report.
  • Weekly production meeting.
Before placing an order with a new manufacturer it is important to ensure that your quality specifications are fully understood, and that the supplier has adequate production capability, management and quality control process. However, manufactures and importers, equally, need reassurance and advice on the capabilities of their current production facilities. CTAS will provide their specialized auditors to undertake this evaluation.
We use or have devised the following ways of collecting and transmitting this valuable commodity.

  • One-on-One Merchandiser to buyer. Totally focused as it happens.
  • Weekly Market Intelligence Reports. Customer focused and general in content.
  • “Bush whacking” This is an exercise whereby, at the beginning of the two main buying seasons of Spring and Fall, all our office merchandisers go forth, in the various markets, for several days, to collect market information on new fabrications, latest technologies, innovations, new factories and market news. The underlying criteria being that they are to discover the “new” not come with what’s already known.
  • Bi-annual Market Survey Reports. These are general reports of a particular market and much of it is based on information collected during bush whacking. By its format it’s more general in content.